Tuesday, May 30

woohooo... an FO...

that's not a sock!

i finished the Duet tank the other day. love it. even if the photos of me in it aren't terribly flattering, the top turned out great. i think it just needs one adjustment. after wearing it for a few hours the straps really stretched out, so i'll need to shorten them if i don't want any more cleavage showing.

i've been working on a cute little tank top for my daughter in Sirdar's Breeze. she decided frills would be perfect along the bottom edges, so i pulled out what i had finished and put on frills. they are pretty cute. but i have to admit, while it knits up fast, plain stockinette is pretty boring to work on.

so i cast on for the Lotus Blossom Tank in IK's summer 2006 issue. i'm just using some cotton from my stash. i think i may change the shoulders and straps a bit... one minute i like the way it is in the design, the next i think i might like straps that are thinner and all one width...

i guess i'll decide when i get to that part of the pattern.

happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zee!
It's Tracy from the knitting night group! Just checking out your blog while Megan sleeps against me--she is bigtime sick!
LOVE your dresser! Would your Dad like to do a whole bedroom suite? My husband thinks he's going to refinish my antique childhood bedroom furniture...someday, when there's nothing else on the agenda!
I also love the Duet tank! Was that a Sirdar pattern?
And I love the Lotus Blossom tank on the IK cover. THere's lots I love in that issue, but I think I'll wait till after I have a breast reduction, LOL. Right now I'm trying to figure out a yarn to substitute for the Brioche rib tank. A cotton yarn on 8mm needles? Eek.
Congrats on the ttc! I remember having a conversation with you about whether or not you should try for #3. Keep at it, keep your spirits up cause positive thinking really can help.
And if you want to check out my blog, it's knitsandknots.blogspot.com...but I've got to warn you....it's REALLY boring :)