Thursday, May 24

blog filler...

cuz i don't have any new photos of the shawl to share. honestly, i haven't been knitting all that much lately. i've been feeling too blah to seriously work on the shawl. so unmotivated. if i could stay in bed all day i would.

that... and last night i timed how long it takes me for one row... 22 minutes. yes, i knit slow, but dude, that's a long time for a row. and the shawl isn't big enough to wrap around my shoulders yet. by the time it gets that big i'll be working an hour on a row! yikes!!

so instead i have some photos of my newest yarn from RubySapphire. it's their Luster sock yarn again (LOVE the stuff), it's called Juliet. sweeeeet.

a shot of the fun stuff sent along with the yarn... a magnet, some candy (yummm), and a coupon for 10% off. lovely :D

a picture with the flash so you can see the lovely sheen of the tencel:

and now i must put it away... up high... because this lovely fur ball is a girl after my own heart and is also loves yarn:
i'm trying to kill some time while i'm waiting for my bangs to bleach blond. from black (i just put the black in a few days ago... if i had thought ahead i would have left the bangs so they'd bleach faster). it's gonna take a while. it's been almost an hour already and i'm just at the ugly orange stage. Juliet is rinsing the bleach out of her hair as i type... we're putting pink streaks in her hair and "vampire red" on my bangs... so i'll resemble the photo of me you see on the right there again. now that this blog post is done, what shall i do?

i could clean, but no thanks. i have a job to do for John, but that involves going out to the garage and i'm not going to do that with goo in my bangs.

i guess i can pick up the shawl and do a row... that'll fill up at least 20 minutes and maybe my bangs will have gone from orange to yellow by then.


TracyKM said...

Don't forget the shawl will stretch out when you block it (I wrote 'blog' it).
Can't wait to see your hair and your kitty! And that new yarn is gorgeous!
I really wanted to come last night but it was pretty hectic/silly around here. I'm going to start a pair of Step socks and was wondering what size needles everyone uses...

TracyKM said...

Hey Z! What's up? How long does a row on the shawl take now? :)