Thursday, May 17

the problem with shawl knitting...

is that it's really unbloggable. boring. photos all look the same...

even when your adorable, but extremely pesty, 8 year old son gets in on the action, the photos still look the same...

Jennie tagged me for a chain game... List/talk about 7 facts about yourself. Anything you find interesting that may come to mind. i'm supposed to tag seven more people, but the only person i can think of tagging is Tracy (don't worry Tracy, if you're not up to it, i really won't mind :).

so here ya go, 7 random Zeenesses:

- i don't usually eat breakfast. my tummy just can't handle food after sleeping.

- i am obsessed with Lost. i admit i've even spent time trolling around fan sites to read other people's theories, ideas, explanations... i hate that there are more questions than answers, but it's like a train-wreck... i just. can't. look. away. must. watch. more...

- ssshh... i secretly and quietly check out a few celebrity gossip sites every afternoon. gah, i know!! it's awful! i hate that the paparazzi stalk these people... and yet i'm part of the problem because i keep looking.

- i worry that my kids are going to be really screwed up when they're older because of their upbringing. with the un/homeschooling thing... are they learning enough? is it right of anyone to force education on anyone else? how do i find a balance between them leading in their own education and me leading so that i know they know things? there's no one else to blame but me if things go wrong and i worry about that... a lot.

- i forgot to order Juliet's birthday cake yesterday while we were out grocery shopping. so we have to go back out to Zehrs today to do that.

- i really, really, really want another child.

- i watch a lot of history shows on the laptop while knitting... about WWII, the Nazis, etc. about Great Britain, the monarchy, its history. a few about Canada (there aren't as many well made ones out there about my own country as there are about Britain... hrmmm). i watch many of the good ones over and over. i think it drives John a little batty... so i try to watch them over only while he's at work.

- one more, cuz i can. i really wish i were more fluent in Dutch and German. i have a computer program to help teach both these languages (and french) that would help, but i have to find it. gah. we got it for the kids, homeschooling ya know... we just haven't used it yet nearly as much as we should have. occasionally John will say something to me in German and i'll answer back in Dutch and then we'll both kind of laugh because we sound like an old old married couple reverting back to our respective ancestral languages.

mmmkay. now i must spend 25 minutes on the exercise bike (i'm so impatient to see the damn results), take a shower and get over to Zehrs again.

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Shorty said...

There's nothing boring about your shawl. I think it's absolutely beautiful.