Wednesday, May 16


this arrived for me yesterday:

it's from Jennie... she even included adorable stitch markers!! it was like it was my birthday yesterday :D i LOVE the colours in this yarn. i'm *so* tempted to put down the shawl and start yet another pair of socks!

thank you so much Jennie! what a great little gifty/prize :D you made my week :D

yesterday was a great day :) the kids got ice cream (after my evil tooth was *finally* removed), had a "birthday" water fight with the neighbourhood kids, Juliet opened her gift from John (a pink Nintendo DS), and chose to eat out at Montana's for her birthday dinner. after dinner John wanted to stop by EB Games, so Juliet chose another game for her new DS (she has Hamsterz Life and Animal Crossing).

Saturday she's having her party... we're going to the movies to see Shrek 3 and then she's having a sleepover. gah! i hope i survive! she's only invited 2 other girls (and my mum!), but that's what worries me... 3 girls is bad... one always ends up getting left out. thank goodness my mum will be here, i'll have someone to lean on ;) of course, we have a *small* house... my poor mum is going to end up sleeping with me during the sleepover. lol.

anyhoooo... i better boogie. we've got to go order the cake for the party and do some grocery shopping. :)

Jennie... i will do the game you tagged me for as soon as i have a little more time :D


TracyKM said...

I'd offer up a 4th girl to even out the numbers, but she might be a little young :) What a charming, beautiful young lady you've got. Officially a 'tween' you know, LOL! Watch out!

Jennie said...

:) I'm glad you like it! You did say bright. heheh. Oh and no worries about the game, no pressure there. Awww I bet Juliet had a blast, and wow, she's gonna be a teen pretty darn soon.