Tuesday, May 8

last night was not a good night.

you may remember i talked about the evil tooth that was supposed to be pulled... but wasn't because my blood pressure was high?

it struck again.

i went back to the dentist to have it pulled... he *still* wouldn't do it because i didn't think to get a note from my doctor saying all was well. so i'm going *back* to my doctor tomorrow to get that, then back to the dentist on the 15th. i am BEYOND frustrated.

thing is, the infection came back. in a bad way.

in such a way that i ended up in emerg in extreme pain. i tried the after hours clinic... it was full. i called my doctor's office, was told to call TeleHealth... they couldn't help much. the dentist's office was closed... and i could. not. wait for help.

people, i have to say, the pain of labour and birth seems like a breeze after last night. at least while in labour you have a few minutes to catch your breath between contractions and you know that at the end of it all you'll have the best thing you could ever hope for.

tooth pain is not like that. it's constant, with pangs of super pain shooting down your neck and up the side of your face.

thankfully the doctor was very kind and understanding. i was given a percocet while there (along with a double dose of antibiotics and anti-inflamatories), two extra percocets to take home to get me through the night and prescriptions for all of the above to fill today.

if the fucking dentist doesn't pull this fucking tooth at the next visit i'm going to lose it. i will *not* do this again. there are people who need the space at emergency much more than me.

i am seriously at the breaking point. i even considered popping a LOT of tylenol 1's and getting John to just pull the tooth for me. desperation is an evil thing.


Jennie said...

EKKK. I do hope they get that sucker out! That's crazy that this has been going on for so long. Hugs!

TracyKM said...

Awww...you poor girl! I cannot imagine having someone yank out a tooth! Glad you could get some relief from the ER visit. TeleHealth is pretty ineffective I have found--now if they could fax in prescriptions to the drugstore so you could skip the ER, that would be nice! Hope your dentist smartens up soon!