Monday, October 23

a finished felted handbag...

considering my first attempt at a felted bag didn't turn out so great (but is salvageable), i am pretty pleased with this one! i think i'm going to add some felted flowers to it to jazz it up some more. i ordered some Noni felted flower patterns i'll use for that :) the pattern for the bag is my own non-pattern... just guessing as i went along.
i had enough wool left over for another felted bag. but i didn't want another in the same colours, so i bought some bright lime green to throw in and started on another handbag.

this is the first project i've ever done intarsia knitting on, it doesn't look too bad, does it? i thought a felted project might be the best way to teach myself intarsia... that way if the stitches turned out rather wonky they'd be felted into shape anyway.

i am having fun with this :D i think i'll make felted handbags for a few folks on my Christmas list this year.

and last but not least... i went to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival in Toronto yesterday with some friends. the company was wonderful and we had fun searching out yarn in the sea of sewing machines and scrapbooking booths. my favourite booth was the one from Village Yarns. unfortunately, i didn't have enough money on me to purchase anything from their booth... they had the most lovely and the most posh and the most expensive knitting supplies in the hall. i did buy some yarn though... 6 balls of NY Yarns Gypsy and 4 balls of some funky stuff called Musa. the plan was funky shawls, but that may change. and the most fun booth was this artist's... where we got to try our hands at needle felting. now that is an interesting craft :D


TracyKM said...

That's one darn cute bag! I like how you sewed the handles on. If you had done that last year, I wouldn't have traipsed around southern Ontario looking for the perfect things to fix my handles on, as the loops went the wrong way to make little holes with grommets like the pattern showed...
Your Fair Isle looks great too! When the back looks as neat and tidy as the front, you know you've got it right. If you want to see my first attempt, look back in my blog to the Grey and White sweater in an earlier 'Timeless Tuesday'. Hot glue should not have a role in knitting :)
More details on how you put the handles on please!

z said...

thanks Tracy :D

i just used some grosgrain ribbon, looped it around the metal attachments on the handles, folded it under at the edges so it wouldn't fray and hand sewed it to the bag. i'll bring it to SnB on Thursday night... if you can make it i'll show you the handles. they're definitely not perfect, but it works. lol.