Friday, October 13

SnB was fun tonight!!

the LYS owner had some folks from a local magazine come in and do an interview/take photos tonight. it's probably no secret that i'm not terribly fond of the LYS owner (but i DO love her employee in our store and she's the only reason i buy yarn there... if Toby wasn't around, the LYS wouldn't get any of my business), but tonight was fun. the LYS owner was there with us for the interview/photos; she doesn't usually come out to our SnBs.

i wish i had brought my camera to take pictures of the photographer taking pictures of us... LOL. it got HOT in there with the lights and the people... and the laughter and rearranging of furniture for better photos probably didn't help the temperature. but, you know, it was rather fun to 'pose' with needles in hand and answer questions about our love of the craft.

i can't wait to see the next issue of the magazine... i'm sure a few laughs will be had at our photogenic qualities during a future SnB :D

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