Friday, October 27

i love getting knitting stuff in the mail...

i can't wait to start on those Noni patterns!!

i also got a funky 'bag form', i was thinking of using it to make a bag out of some cool Gedifra Crystal yarn i've had in my stash for a while. the yarn is shiny and slinky and i wasn't sure what to do with it. i had thought of a bag before, but it would have been way too slouchy. it might work with the bag form, it might not. if it doesn't, that's okay, i'll find something that does.

those goodies came from FAST service!! only a week to get here from the US!

to my Thursday night knitting gals... i've talked with the manager and she thinks we'll be able to use the meeting room once a week for SnB if we a) pay a token fee ($2 a night per person) in place of the $25 rental usually charged. and b) if we open it up to other people who live here (i can guarantee only one or two will show up and they were people i had invited before thinking they'd fit in nicely with our group). we can go with Monday night or Thursday night. we're welcome to use the coffee maker, fridge and other amenities offered :D i'll mention it as an option next Thursday to get feedback from those of you who don't peek in here once in a while.

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