Thursday, November 2

simple knitting and halloween

we had fun trick or treating this year. my parents came up from Etobicoke to join in the fun.

and i've started a log cabin blanket. i'm not following any pattern, the size of the strips are random. the yarn is NY Yarns Gypsy.

i finished a shawl/scarf out of the Musa yarn below, but the batteries on my camera just died, so i'll have to take some photos of that later when they're recharged :) i'm really happy with how it turned out. i used some Twilleys of Stamford Freedom wool in colour 412 (burgundy) to add a ruffle to the bottom and it really adds a funky-ness to the shawl. i think i'll make a pair of mittens in Freedom to match the shawl.

tonight is SnB, but i'm not entirely sure i'm going to go because the kids are sick and i'm beginning to feel rather odd too (sore throat, stuffy-ish nose, headache)... i don't want to risk making the other girls there sick. bleh. i'm gonna miss 'em tonight.

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