Saturday, November 11

the parenting adventure continues...

hrmm... can't see it? look closely.

so here i am, about 15 minutes ago, messing around a bit with my Flickr account... and i hear it. that soft yet high pitch 'oh no' from Jake that can only mean one thing. something has been added to the floor/carpet/wall/bed that probably shouldn't be there and he's upset about it.

no worries... how bad could it possibly be? i mean, between John and i, we've cleaned up some pretty awful kid-induced messes.

i go upstairs and find Jake at the top landing looking forlorn. as i'm walking up i hear "turn off the light, we'll be able to see it better".

ermmm... WHAT?!

i cannot possibly imagine what this mess could be that in order to see it better it would have to be dark. i'm a little nervous as i approach Jake.

"Hey Buddy, what happened?"

"One of my glow sticks sprung a leak!!!"... and he points toward my bedroom.

*my* bedroom. my *carpeted* bedroom. my RENTED *carpeted* bedroom.

crap. and there it is...

and the stuff SUNK right through the carpet fibers and is sitting right at the bottom in nice little droplets, out of reach. but that's okay, it's impossible to clean it. wipe it and it just spreads into a bigger glowing spot.

i guess i should count my lucky stars that they are dollar store glow sticks... the glow wears out of them fairly fast, it should be invisible by tomorrow night. i'll just have to remember it's there tonight and hopefully i won't get freaked out by the stripe of ominous green glowing dots when i wake up to pee at 4am. (believe me, it is brighter than it seems in the photos).

the adventures of having kids just never ends.

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TracyKM said...

I can't see the glow :( But that's funny. At first, I read it as 'glow worm sprung a leak" LOL. Our old neighbour used to give them out at Hallowe'en and when the town did Canada Day fireworks at Westside (we lived across from it). One kid bit through the glowstick. Caused quite a panic till someone found the package!
(I'll email you later).