Thursday, November 9

a noni flower

pre-felt. it's funny and floppy and measures approx. 8 inches across. i'm trying to resist the temptation to felt until everything i intend to felt is finished. i have wool leftover from my mom's bag and the green toxic sausage bag, AND some left over Twilleys of Stamford Freedom... i think i'll use it up in a couple more bags. as soon as that's done i can felt :D but now that the noni flower is awaiting a hot agitating bath, i'm not sure i'll be able to resist until all of the to-be-felted knitting is done.

i think i'll put a couple of the finished bags on Etsy... what the heck am i going to do with a bunch of felted handbags?


TracyKM said...

How darling! I've got a big bag of odd balls of Classic Merino...
What's the Etsy shop story? I've seen it mentioned on a few blogs. I also have a few too many felted purses. Of course, they're all missing handles :)
Major madness at Hubby last night meant I didn't go to Georgetown. I was mad, so I went out. I drove around trying to figure out where you lived based on a few clues, and hopefully finding Sharon's truck parked nearby. No luck. So I parked under a light in a parking lot and knitted, LOL.
Wonderful comment on my blog today :) It was a quiet afternoon, I have another entry today that might interest you ;)

z said...

Etsy is an awesome site where you can buy or list handcrafty things :D lots of funky stuff on there! :D