Wednesday, November 22

gosh darn batteries

i got yarn in the mail today! ten balls of NY Yarns Gypsy from shipping from Michigan was only $5.30 and the yarn itself was inexpensive ($4.24 a ball). i did see the yarn cheaper, but by the time the shipping to Canada was added... ouch! i'm pretty darn happy with this buy :D

now i have 16 balls of this yarn to play with - i got 6 balls at a craft fair a while back. woooot! i was making a log cabin blanket with this yarn, but frogged it in favour of making a comfy cardigan. and i'm not sure if the striping in this yarn works for me for a garment. the striping and the chunkiness, that is, might make me look like a colourful Michelin man.

but 16 balls... and it's fun to work with, it's washable and i love the colour changes. could become either a cardigan or a log cabin throw.

i'll post some pics soon. the batteries in my camera *just* died... 8 hours to recharge them.

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