Saturday, November 4

i think i've found my next pullover...

isn't this just LOVELY? i've gotta get some $ into my paypal so i can order that pattern when it's available. :D i have some cotton that would probably work in place of the Tilli Tomas. i love Wendy's blog, but i haven't ordered any of her patterns yet. Sahara, though, is absolutely irresistible!

i missed SnB on Thursday night, but it's probably a good thing i didn't go for two reasons. my throat is SO sore and i sound like a toad croaking every time i try to talk... which is funny to the kids. meh... as long as they're still laughing life is good :D

i won't be going to SnB on Thursday anymore because of the owners of the store we meet in. suffice it to say, after my recent experience, i will NEVER set foot in a Headwater Wool store again.

i'm sorry girls (my Thursday night friends). i never intended to start problems with our LYS. if you all decide to meet somewhere else, please let me know. i posted a few days ago about the option of meeting in the common room here in my complex if any of you are interested. it'll be $2 each to use the room, but if you don't have the $2 you're still welcome to come, nobody is going to tell you you can't join us if you don't always have the $.


TracyKM said...

I don't know anything about the conflict, but that's pretty lousy they would choose that way to deal with it! I'm not exactly a big supporter of the store (my stash is already taking over my basement), and that certainly doesn't encourage me any.
I'd love to meet at a neutral location sometimes. I'd feel bad about not being with the store group...but she's getting paid whether we're there or not. So maybe meeting at your co-op once/twice per month (for me) would be good. The 2nd Tuesday of the month is the Georgetown guild--that's this week :) If you're interested in going down to that with me, let me know. It'd be nice to have someone other than the radio to talk to, LOL!

z said...

thanks Tracy! John's working tonight though, so i'll have to decline this time. bummer. have fun :D

Anonymous said...

How many of us have been black listed? Since have my x-mas knitting to do (and it is not the right wool) I believe Thursday will be my last night as well.

I will try to phone you Wed or Thur to discuss our new meeting night.