Saturday, November 25

not knitting...

but exciting just the same...

i'm not usually a handbag person. but when i first saw this handbag a few months back at the local Hallmark Gold Crown store i fell in love. it's just so adorable, ruffly, cute, girly, fun!

but when i looked at the price i just couldn't justify $44.99 (plus tax) on adorable, ruffly, cute, girly and fun.

a week ago, my parents told me about a temporary Ganz outlet in the city and they went on about how great it is... and mentioned something quietly about buying Juliet a skirt shaped purse. hrmmmm... the wheels in my head started turning a little. *could* it possibly be the same purse?


fast forward to today. John and i have to go down to the city to pick up the kids from my parents' house. hrmm... while we're in the area, might as well stop by the Ganz outlet, right? i was looking for some photo frames for a gift exchange and thought there might be a chance i'd find what i was hoping to find there. (i did... and now wish i had bought a couple more for my house because they're so great!)

first thing we see when we walk in the door... Maggi B bags. LOADS of them. CHEAP!! i don't think any of them were over $10 (but don't quote me on that, i didn't pick up every one and check the price). there were totes, purses, eyeglass cases, makeup cases, satchels, coin purses, diaper bags... you name it, it was there in a Maggi B bag. but no adorable, ruffly, cute, girly, fun handbag.

until i rounded the corner into more Maggi B bags... beaded ones, bohemian ones, grass ones... and... *the* adorable, ruffly, cute, girly, fun handbag!!! John just laughed at my enthusiasm. i immediately picked out my bag, checked the price and nearly fell over, just like the first time i checked the price in Hallmark... except this time the difference was $37.49.

yep. i bought the adorable, ruffly, cute, girly, fun handbag for $7.50. $7.50!!!

the only bummer is that i think i might have to hide it until after Christmas as Juliet is getting the same bag (with a pink bow instead).

(i wonder if i'll be able to make it back there before Christmas - before the temporary outlet closes... hindsight is 20/20 and i think i should have picked up a few extra bags/gifts to save for birthdays/etc next year!)

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