Thursday, November 23


brand new yarn... oh so pretty in it's plastic just waiting to be used:

i'm making a shawl/scarf type garment for my mother for her birthday (January 2nd)...the yarn is Gedifra Crystal. it's a really funky yarn... slinky and shiny. i got 6 balls of the green and 7 of red on eBay last year.

Austermann Step socks in progress for my brother for Christmas. i'm not sure he's going to like them all that much... but money is pretty tight and i'm not sure what else to make him:

and a peek into life here. this is pretty usual behaviour when my dad visits... he just loves goofing around with the kids (he's stolen one of Jake's hats and the kids are trying to get it off his head here) :)

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TracyKM said...

Pretty yarns! Can I come pet them, LOL.
What's up for tonight?
Perhaps they could be renamed "Sanity Saver Sessions" :)