Saturday, November 18

more socks in progress...

socks on the go. wooot! what would life be without socks in progress? these are coming along rather slowly though. they were all part of my Socktoberfest knitting and still aren't finished. i generally use size US1 for my socks, sometimes size US2. the small stitches and needles and repetitive actions start to make my wrists hurt. so as bummed as i am about it, i must put down the socks and give my hands a break.

the rainbow ones are Trekking XXL, colour 100 being worked in the infamous Jaywalker pattern. the red ones are Regia, being worked in a plain rib pattern of my own; they're for my dad for Christmas. and the green ones... oh the green ones... they are Fleece Artist in plain stockinette... and they are heaven!!

if only i had more money and could knit faster. has added some really marvelous new VvS handpainted sock yarns i'm coveting in a bad bad way.

and cuz i can, a gratuitous Fleece Artist shot:

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