Saturday, October 14

socks in progress for Socktoberfest

some of these are obviously getting more attention than others. here are the specs:

red socks: for my father, yarn is Regia and the pattern is my own. these have been languishing because they're rather plain - the pattern and the yarn - and therefore kind of boring to knit.

pastel socks: for me, yarn is Trekking XXL colour 106, pattern is Tropicana from MagKnits... and this is their second go... the first one, i decided, was a little too snug for me so i went up a needle size.

rainbow socks: for me, yarn is Trekking XXL colour 100, pattern is the ever popular Jaywalker. so easy! this will be my third pair of Jaywalkers.

watermelon socks: for me, yarn is Fleece Artist, don't know the name of the colourway, but i love it :D

and i'm resisting casting on with my pink Fleece Artist for a pair from Knitting on the Road. i'm still not sure exactly which pattern to use from that book because they're all so beautiful!

and just for a wee bit of sock yarn pr0n...

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