Friday, January 5


not of the human kind... of the animal kind. Juliet and i went to the Orangeville SPCA and filled out an adoption application for this lovely:

the only snag i can see is that we already have a cat (adopted from the SPCA a few years ago)... and haven't had to bring her to the vet, so on the application we had nothing to put in the "list your vet" part. i explained that Burban is strictly an indoor cat, she's healthy and doesn't need vaccinations (i have some concerns regarding vaccinations, i don't even vaccinate my children). otherwise i don't see any reason we wouldn't be granted the adoption of another cat.

Juliet is especially excited. i think she'll be crushed if we're turned down. here's hoping for the best!

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TracyKM said...

As the picture started to load, I thought for sure that was my old cat that Rob took to the shelter cause he'd peed on his brand new very expensive skates! If you get him, would you like a lovely blue sweater with a grey cat knitted on the front? LOL :)