Thursday, January 25

losing track of time

i've been spending time doing things other than knitting. like fixing up my Sims 2 game. because i downloaded the one file of custom content that broke the camel's back... thousands of downloads and thousands of files of custom content... it had to happen sooner or later.

and since i'm not organized, i just deleted it ALL. so i've been redownloading things to put in my game. i really don't like playing with the Maxis content alone... it's so... boring. i love the custom stuff and playing without it just isn't the same.

thank the heavens for The Sims Resource. LOVE that site. i have a bunch of Sims 2 sites bookmarked, but always end up back at the Sims Resource. i WOULD be at Mod the Sims 2 IF i could remember my damn password (they changed their whole "if you've forgotten your password" protocol and i just don't have the patience to email them yet).

psst... only a month and two days until the new "Seasons" expansion! wooot!

i have done a little knitting... i'm up to the heel on the second Cherry Tree Hill sock now. i've done most of that knitting while the kids have played outside, while i'm in bed or while watching old episodes of the X Files.

i've been thinking a little about my stash too. i think some of it has got to go. i don't have a huge stash, but it seems a waste when i think some of the yarn has been waiting for me for at least a year. if i haven't used it in that time, will i ever? it's all in great shape, and i feel a little greedy hanging on to it. i put up a few balls of sock yarn for sale over at Knitters Review to start.

tomorrow's Thursday! woooot! i hope a few gals can make it out for knit night. (at my house again). last week Sharon was working on the most beautiful socks. she can knit up a storm, and always beautiful work! if i were half the knitter she is i wouldn't have a languishing stash *wink*

alrighty. i'm off to get comfy in bed with the laptop, watch some X Files and knit a few more rows on my Cherry Tree Hill sock before the sleeping pill kicks in :)

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TracyKM said...

Stash that's a year old? Why, that's only baby yarn, LOL!
Sock yarn for sale? Shall I bring cash, or do you take cheques? I was thinking of stopping in at the store tonight, but then I said "I'd only just buy more yarn I won't be able to use up right away." And I need some lessons on my short row sock heel/fitting the sock from you!