Thursday, January 18

decadent soaps

wow. that's all i have to say. wow. i ordered some bars from Althaea Soaps and Herbals and i am IMPRESSED!! they are big bars, they smell GREAT and best part? i can read and understand all of the ingredients!

only problem... i don't know which bar to open first. i got three scents that are all equally yummy... Honeyed Amber, Strawberry Smoothie and Nag Champa. i'm leaning toward Nag Champa... i love that incense and was thrilled to find the scent in a soap.

and while i'm at it, check out her Planets Cosmic Spice soap... how creative is that!

mmmkay... after showering with my Nag Champa soap i have a few things to add. the smell is strong (the others aren't as strong), but i LIKE it :D don't think i'll use it when i have a migraine, but otherwise... MMMMMM. and i doubt i'll apply any other scented products after using it, i think it'd be scent overload. no need for perfume!

it's a big bar! i think i'll cut it in half when it's dry again. it's almost twice the size of the bar of Ivory i opened up on Friday. my skin is not nearly as dry as it usually is after showering. the only places i had to put lotion on were my legs (just shaved them), my feet (always dry) and my face (used a facial soap). usually i'm so dry i feel like my skin is crawling and i can't wait to lather up with lotion.

all in all, love it. really doubt i'll ever go back to commercially available soap again!

pictures later, i need to get my butt in gear to get to a doctor's appointment in time :) (meh, no, it's nothing exciting, just a prescription refill).

pictures (of the Honeyed Amber and Strawberry Smoothie... the Nag Champa is in my shower):

here's the Honeyed Amber up close... it's really hard to see, but there are bronze mica swirls through the top of the soap:

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