Wednesday, January 31

oh lookie... more socks

yeah, i've admitted it before... i'm a sock knitter. what more can i say?

here are my Cherry Tree Hill Potluck in Brights socks... done! love 'em! but i don't think i'll be able to look at them while i have a migraine, they're darn bright. pardon the fugly flooring... i'd change it if we weren't renting.

and birthday socks in progress for my dad. his birthday was January 24th. but my parents created me, they know i'm a last minute type of creature... i'm sure my dad is expecting the socks a little late. the pattern i'm using is "Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern" from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

i saw some lovely red Louet Gems Merino at Pick Up Sticks and was hoping to order some for yet another pair of sock for my dad (he likes his socks red). i was thinking the merino would be softer and more luxurious for my dad than the Regia i've been using... but lo and behold, sock knitters are fast and furious folk... Pick Up Sticks is sold out of the red! in less than a week!!!

and because i need a "no-brainer" sock to work on, i've restarted a pink pair of Fleece Artist socks. i'm planning on doing a simple slip-stitch pattern on them. i'm just finishing up the toe (toe-up) and getting ready to start the pattern... but i'm going to work on my dad's socks for a while before i allow myself any Fleece Artist heaven ;)

i should be able to get both pairs done faster than i've been knitting in recent weeks... the graphics card in the "big" computer upstairs died. dead. burnt out (literally). luckily John was able to replace it temporarily with the graphics card from Jake's computer, but Jake's graphic card isn't big enough to handle the Sims 2. so i'll have to live without my Sims 2 fix for a few weeks. bummmmmmmer!!! love the Sims 2, but it's a HUGE game... needs lots of computer resources to run... and even more to run nicely. good thing i have socks to keep me occupied ;)

the kids and i were planning on walking up to the library today, but i dunno. the weather seems kind of yucky... but i'm not really complaining... i'm glad winter has finally arrived! i think i'll just let them go nuts with the Lego. they have it spread out everywhere in the living room and it's slowly spreading onto the kitchen table too. since we have a small townhouse, it's becoming pretty impossible to walk in either room without encountering lego. they have TONS of it... some of it is the kids', some of it is left over from my brother and i, but the majority of it is from John's childhood. the kids are just having a blast with it lately. last night it even went into the bath/shower with them! i guess i'll have to get them to tidy a little of it up tomorrow for SnB... at least enough so that the girls can get into the living room and sit down without impaling themselves on Lego parts. and they say DPNs are dangerous...

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