Saturday, January 27

an FO!

midnight knitting comes to the rescue. we had a rough night. poor Jake was up so much coughing. he was camping out in my bedroom, so i was up quite a lot of the night with him. it's a good thing i had all that knitting paraphernalia to keep my company. i managed to *finally* finish up my Trekking Jaywalkers. no photo of me modeling them though. frankly, i didn't shave my legs today and i'm not about the post THAT on the internet.


yarn: Trekking XXL in colour 100, bought from (love Judy's store!)
pattern: the infamous Jaywalker by Grumperina, with some modifications. i went down a needle size from my last pair of Jaywalkers and knit 9 stitches in between the increases and decreases instead of the 7 or 8 the pattern calls for.
needles: Boye US1 dpns
start date: months ago
finish date: too long after start date ;)

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