Tuesday, January 9

Butters Mc PooPants

yep... we got her. her shelter name was Deb, but we had to change it to something to reflect her personality a little more - Butters Mc PooPants works perfectly. have you seen Butters on SouthPark? and Mc PooPants... just use your imagination. she's freakin' ADORABLE!! she's HUGE. fat cat. she's timid and rather shy. Burban (our older cat) isn't terribly impressed, but there haven't been any major issues... just a little of Burban hissing at Butters, Butters looking at Burban like "who the hell are you?" and then Burban running away.

and look! an FO! my Log Cabin throw is done! love the colours. it's rather smaller than i thought it was while i was working on it... but the garter stitch is pretty stretchy, so it still covers me from toe to chest when i use it :) the yarn i used is NY Yarns Gypsy. all *gasp* acrylic.

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