Tuesday, June 12

Colourmart.com silk

not a colour i'd normally choose. i'm planning on using it for a lacey shawl for my mum. if i can get my act together when it comes to lace, that is. i think i'm going to go back to Colourmart and order a cone of the dark navy blue for myself. it shipped faster from the UK than the Addi Lace circulars i'm waiting for from Elann (which is in Canada)!


Jennie said...

ooohh nice! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

TracyKM said...

Perhaps it's a little bit good that you're moving, LOL! Is it silver, or more taupey? You could do a really intricate lace pattern with a solid colour :) I have been putting off ordering from them; there's SO much on their site I'd like to try, I don't know that I could just pick a couple things. Can I ask how much that cone cost? And how much yardage it is? Once you make the shawl, if there's a similiar amount left (or just a substantial amount) you could dye it yourself! Oh! Lunch is burning! LOL.,

z said...

Tracy... it was a whopping $16US, INCLUDING shipping!!! yardage: 2300 yards. seriously enough for a really decent size shawl or two smaller stoles. it's really fine, probably won't knit up well past a size US4 needle, IF it even does that. it's similar in weight to the JojoLand Harmony i'm using for the Feather and Fan shawl.

Jennie... i can't wait to start using it!! i think i'm going to knit up a test (ahem, i can't believe i'm using this word) swatch just so i can start playing with it a little. lol.

Anonymous said...

excuse me...what was that bad S word you used. Didn't think I would catch it. Can't wait to see the yarn in person. I am getting ready to leave at 6:00 tonight and yes I have 2 projects packed