Wednesday, June 27

i have a problem...

i'm having a hard time NOT wearing make-up today.

there's no point. it's hot, it'll just melt off my face. and i'm not planning on going anywhere... and nobody is supposed to come by here.

and yet i just keep thinking that i'm "naked". i'm so used to wearing make-up. maybe i'll just put on a little mascara to appease my make-up psychosis because i'm starting to feel anxious about the fact that i'm not wearing any.

dudes... imagine what i'm like when i'm UNmedicated!!

Juliet was kind enough to pose with the Harmony shawl-in-progress for me a little while ago (click to make bigger).

we took the photo at the front door, because, sadly, it's the least messy place in the house at the moment...

... ugh. yeah. moving. blech. i'm already missing the books that were on that shelf... and they only left the house yesterday.

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TracyKM said...

Is it Wednesday already?! I looked at that Silk City too and thought I might get some. Then I went to Len's and got some Super 10 (yarn of the month). Thanks Sharon, LOL. They had hardly any left of that too. I do have lots of the elann alpaca/merino laceweight in parchment and I want to dye some of it. Someday....
The shawl is beautiful! A neat effect for the edging might be if you could splice the yarn so the edging (depending on the edging) is all one colour. Or not. LOL. You never know.
So sad about Pop Rocks going, but at least you know where to!
And makeup? What's that? LOL. I used to be one of those 'full face' people. Even when camping! Then I went to university and discovered I like sleeping :)