Monday, June 25

shawl edging... ?

i'm trying to decide what sort of edging (if any) i should use for my Harmony Feather and Fan shawl.

... it's going to be a bit larger than i was planning. i'll definitely have enough yarn for any type of edging.

see... i had four balls of the Harmony wool. i was going to use two for the shawl and leave the remaining two for some future project. well... i went to bed last night in a bit of a rush (a migraine struck AGAIN), and left a ball of it on the sofa.

... within the kitten's reach.

the temptation was too much for her because i found it this afternoon. mostly in the basement. part of it in a tangled mess going down the stairs... some of it wadded it up in a bunch near the kitty litter... much of it wrapped around the legs of the mini trampoline, the remainder in what resembled the last bits of the ball near the laundry.

it was really hard to be mad at her. and i just left it there for her to play with tonight, since it's so tangled it's not worth the trouble to try to salvage it.

so i figured i might as well continue into the third ball of Harmony with the Feather and Fan shawl... use it for some sort of edging.

but what shall i do? suggestions?

here's an old photo of it if that helps... you can really see the pattern in this one, unlike the recent photo above where it looks like a lump of pastels:


TracyKM said...

Lucky kitty, LOL!
Do you want an edging going the same direction as what you're knitting, or one you knit and attach sideways? For the same direction, I have Nicky Epstein's "Kniting on the Edge" (her first one) and there's probably something in there. FOr doing it sideways, that "Victorian Lace Today" might be good, or any stitch dictionary that has edging patterns.
Just be sure to figure out in advance how many sts you have and how many sts or rows you need your edging to be ;)
Or, do a few rows of garter stitch, and a pretty picot or crochet chain loop cast off (ask Sharon about that one).

tracey said...

I agree with the previous commenter that a pretty picot edging would look awesome!
And that shawl is beautiful, I love the colorway of the yarn!