Wednesday, June 20

i just haven't felt up to blogging.

i've been having a lot of migraines the last couple of weeks. they've almost settled into a routine. i wake up every morning feeling fine, great, let's do this day. by 3pm i start feeling "off". by 5pm i have a headache. by 7pm i'm in bed early with a full blown migraine.

it hasn't happened every day, but every second/third day is more than enough.

i've been taking stock of what i've been eating, drinking, doing to try to figure out what's causing the freakin' migraines.

i think it's either the weather changing so much, or the stress of moving. or both. either way, i wish it would stop, i've had enough now.

i did get the Addi Lace needles. they are DIVINE. love them so much i ordered another two pair. the Harmony Feather and Fan shawl is coming along a little faster now that i'm not messing around with dull needle points ;)


Tracey said...

I'm sorry you're getting the nasty migraines. I used to get them monthly when I was taking the birth control pill. I hope they go away soon for you, or that you can figure out where they're coming from. Are you able to see a physician about them and make sure nothing is seriously wrong?

TracyKM said...

You poor girl :( I used to get them when on the pill too. Or, when I ate hot dogs, either from the nitrates or the MSG. I found all-beef ones to be best for me. I also do agree with the weather thing. A barometer is just some liquid in a small tube....sort of like our brain. And I get dehydration headaches really easily (though they don't feel like migraines). Laundry smells (and other smells) used to set me off too. And rebound headaches from taking medication to get rid of headaches. Now, that's a vicious cycle. Hope you find your triggers. Too much sunlight? New bra too tight? :)