Thursday, June 14

ouch. bra shopping.

i need a new bra. and not just any bra... a strapless bra (to wear under my tank tops this summer since all of my other bras have super strength wider-than-the-road-to-hell size straps).

so, since i'm waiting for my hair colour to set, i thought i'd do a quick google search.

you know, it's painful enough to buy normal everyday strappy bras when you're not a B or C cup... but when you're a DD looking for a strapless bra, you better have some mood-altering substance nearby. (side note: you wouldn't know i had a breast reduction years ago and was that most coveted bra size, a 36C... i could just pick bras off the rack - you know, the kind you find at LaSenza, the cheap shiney/lacey/interesting details/sexy/etc/etc/etc type bras- forget trying them on, buy them CHEAP, take them home and they'd fit like a charm. i *really* miss those days!)

just from my quick google search i can see this isn't going to be easy, or fun. and i can forget ordering online. but where in this town can i possibly go to try on decent full support strapless bras? Wal-Mart? Zellers?

i think i'm out of luck before i've even really started. unless John miraculously has a day off work and is willing to do a "bra crawl"... yeah... see, even you cringed at the thought of driving from store to store to do bra shopping, i don't see how i'm going to convince him.

i suppose before i ask i'll run around checking out the dreaded big box stores that are within walking distance.

oh boobs... i love thee. but i hate the designers/sellers/prices of the bras you need.

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TracyKM said...

Although I have never bought a strapless bra, I am impressed with how size ranges have expanded in Wal-Mart and Zellers. WM has "Sentiments" I think they're called. I have a few of those (38 and/or 36DD--you want em?).
LaSenza carries 38DD but not 38 or 36F. Penningtons start at 40C I think. I had no luck with the plus size stores because the band sizes were too big. And no luck with the Vie en Rose outlet in Bramptom a few years back--they had TWO DD bras, at over $50 each. Oh, what about "The Scented Drawer" on Broadway (just moved off of Mill)?
But seriously, give WM and Zellers a try. If they had carried a 36F I might not have been as quick to go chop-chop. Yeah right, LOL. I remember when I got married, and I couldn't find anything strapless in a D for under $50.
What about Victoria's Secret on line?
Rambling, cause I feel your pain!