Wednesday, June 6

i'm back :)


the whole problem was that we let the landline phone go. no point in paying for something we don't use, right? well, duh, we have Sympatico internet... we need some sort of phone line for it. John finally had some time to call up (remember, i don't do phones) and got it sorted out. we have a "dry line" phone line now. no actual service, no phone number, just what they need to run the internet in.


in other news, the shawl is still coming along nicely. it's really hard to take photos of because it's getting rather squished on the needles. i ordered some longer addi circulars to finish it on. their new lace needles. we'll see if they're really any sharper than the regular addi turbos :) they should arrive by the end of the week, early next week. so, sorry, no shawl photos until then :(

and in other other news. we're moving. the official day is July 31st. but we'll be moving slowly before then and want to have everything out a week before that so we can come back and do repairs/paint in an empty house. it's so much easier than trying to paint around furniture!

i am so stressed about this move though. i have felt nauseas every time i think about it.

we're moving into my MILs.

she has a duplex, so we will have our own space. but it'll always be over our heads that it's HER house, kwim? and i have quite a colourful history with the woman. oh lordy. please let it work out.

on the bright side, the main floor is much bigger than our current place. and we'll have four bedrooms instead of three (which means John will have his own room again... yaaay!). any renovations we do she's willing to take off the rent. maybe i can get a part time job at the local yarn store.

we'll be heading over there this weekend to do a little painting before we start moving stuff in. Juliet's room has no "real" flooring... just wood slats painted white, and she's been given permission to do what she wants with that. so she wants to paint it. no, not a solid colour (it's white right now), she wants to paint vines and flowers. and John has to do some minor renovations in order to open up the fourth bedroom to our side of the house and close it off to her side of the house (it was awesome of her to offer that extra room for no extra rent).

one big downside... Pop Rocks can't come with us. :( MIL's allergic in a BAD way to cats. she's fine with us bringing Burban, because we've had Burbs for years and she is such a part of the family; she's willing to put up with any cat issues that sneak over to her side of the house because she knows how much family pets mean to people, having had quite a few of them herself (on a side note, when she's rented to non-family she doesn't allow ANY pets at all. so we're lucky to be able to bring Burbs). she's really nervous about Pops because the more cats, the more dander, the more litter... etc, etc. i am pretty upset. i think we should find her a new home asap before we become even more attached to her :(

sorry this got so long. i'll leave you with two photos. one of Juliet with her pink streaks (she was opening a birthday gift from her aunt). and one of Jake during homeschooling time... he had a rough night and during our daily reading time he passed out (on his book) with the kitten:


Jennie said...

Glad to hear things are up and running again. :) I am sending you good vibes that things will work out wonderfully with the move and your MIL. :) Can't wait to see your finished shawl

echo said...

HI Zee
I'm so glad to see ya!

I have been so out of it for so long.

I am just trying to get back in the swing of things. just got back to the board this week, miss you, Ive sent a few emails Way back when I first went insane and didn't hear form you, I figured maybe you were having hard time too
how are you?