Saturday, February 12

mmmm. pear.

so, a couple of weeks ago i got stranded in Shopper's Drug Mart.  no, really.  stranded.  see... i was on my way, on foot, to pick up paper work from my doctor's office.  unbeknownst to me, because i check the weather by looking out the window and cold cannot be seen, it was minus three bazillion degrees out.  i managed to get a whole two blocks from my house when i had to take refuge in the nearest indoor anything.  which happened to be Shopper's Drug Mart.

...anyway.  so, a couple of weeks ago, i got stranded in Shopper's Drug Mart.  while i was there enjoying their wonderful heating system i took a gander around at what they had to offer.  i saw this:

mmm, pear
 ...and decided it had to come home with me.  i have no idea what "mangosteen" is, but i do know i love the scent of faux pears in body lotions and soaps and it's a rather hard scent to come by.  it's made by Upper Canada Soap and i am in love.  so much that i think i'm going back to get a second bottle before they are all gone (oh i hope they are not all gone already!)  it is the perfect sweet faux pear scent i like.  and a wee bit of this lotion goes a long way.  i only use a pea sized squirt and it moisturizes my entire arm.  love!

while i was there i, ofcourse, had to look at the makeup.  i ended up buying four Annabelle eyeshadows and the funky palette that's made to put them in.  i can't comment on them too much, i've only used "Fantasy" (the teal-ish green in the upper right) and "Divine Diva" (the purple-y colour that is all washed out in my photo because i used the flash :\ ... it has a gold shimmer which is kind of cool in the pan but doesn't show up so much on the lid).  i do like those colours.  the pigmentation in them is really good :)  the other two colours i got are "Lagoon" (the deep blue) and "Rainforest" (the green).

when i have some time i'll do up some swatches :)

i also recently ordered 16 NYX lipsticks and lipglosses from Cherry Culture.  this is my first time ordering from them, i hope it was a good choice!  and yeah... 16.  i know.  maybe a little excessive??  but... but... they were on sale!  and even with shipping they were cheaper than if i went to buy them at the only drugstore in town that carries (a very small selection of) NYX!  ...that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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