Thursday, February 3

so... i've been knitting...

a little thing like divorce and complete life upheaval cannot keep me from my yarn and needles! here's a post with a few of the knits i've completed since my life changed :)

"Sweeney Todd" men's socks:

"Acid Alice" socks:

and life would not be complete without some rainbowish jaywalkers:

i have a free toe-up sock pattern available for download on Ravelry :)

and shawls! lacey things have taken my fancy:

i was also completely surprised when Vogue Knitting contacted me and asked if they could feature my Edwardian Ruffle Collar pattern in one of their issues:

....aaaaand... one of my current works in progress. a simple stripey scarf done in Knit Picks' Chroma Worsted. i'm using the colours Lollipop and RollerSkate.

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