Sunday, February 13

Month of Blog. day six.

day 6 - a picture of somewhere you've been.


i have been to Holland twice.  both times i stayed in Amsterdam with family.  i went once when i was 13 and spent the summer between grade 8 and grade 9 in Amsterdam.  and then i went back when my children were very small.  Jake was 6 months old, Juliet was 2.

i would LOVE to go back again.  i would love to go back, spend a few days dedicated to visitng family and then do a lot of the usual tourist-y type things there are to do, and i'd also love to spend a few days wandering the city with no real destination.  i find the canals and the buildings along them incredibly fascinating.  i love the history.  there are buildings in Amsterdam that are older than my country and they're still being lived in as it they were built yesterday :)  it's mind boggling :D

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