Saturday, February 5


yeah.  i like shoes.  but i've been way too broke to buy good shoes.  today i thought "fuck it" and went out to buy some docs, because, you know, those things last forEVER!  you know it.  i know it.  even when you want them to die so you can replace them with a newer model, they don't.  and i need shoes that will last me for a while.  really... spend $150 on docs or spend $30 every few months on cheap-ass walmart shoes?  docs seem the better choice.

so that's what i did.  i will be eating kraft dinner for weeks, but my shoes will not fall apart! 

and because i am a sucker, i had to pick up the chucks too.  they were on sale for $30!!  who can pass that up??  apparently, not i.

(pardon the "omg, i got new shoes.  new PURPLE shoes!" crappy photo.  lol)

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