Tuesday, February 22

this is my new friend...

...Elizabeth.  she's rather tall and skinny (two things i am not), but i like her all the same  ;)

i got her on eBay.  i've been wanting to get a mannequin for a while... it's so hard to take pictures of things like scarfs without one for selling things on Etsy.  she arrived early last week but i was too sick to even look at her in the box.  John took her out of the box this past weekend and assembled her for me.  he's the one who christened her Elizabeth.  not only does he put things together, he names them.  this is a sign of a keeper for me... i name everything.  for example, my laptop's name is Jezebel. 

i haven't really managed much in the way of knitting this past week.  yes, i was that sick.  if i'm not knitting or if i turn down a glass of milk you know there is something seriously wrong with me.  i finished one Chroma sock and started the second  (i totally admit to manipulating the yarn so that the second sock would start at purple and be "opposite" the first sock):

and i started another Chroma (in worsted weight) striped scarf.  the black is Knit Picks' Wool of the Andes:

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