Tuesday, February 8

Month of Blog. Day One

a picture of yourself with ten facts.

1. apparently i am slightly vain, because i chose to use two pictures of me.
2. i don't like brown chocolate.  blech.  i like white chocolate :)
3. i hate talking on the phone.
4. i have a mental illness... i enjoy depression, anxiety and panic attacks on a frighteningly regular basis.
5. i have a few tattoos and a few piercings.
6. i like black.  and purple.
7. i like my eye makeup dark.
8. i buy a lot of lipstick but rarely wear it.
9. i don't have a car. 
10. i drink a lot of milk.  white.  skim.  banana flavour when i want to change it up. 

1 comment:

Thu said...

I'm the same about lipstick! I love wearing it, but it's just not practical. Too many things to kiss :) I hate being one of those people who constantly worries about lipstick, so I just don't wear it. But I buy a lot of it, especially in red :)