Friday, February 11

Month of Blog... day four

Day 4 - a picture of your night.

will a mental picture do??  tonight i went to Ikea with my love.  we bought some lighting for the living room, so i can see better when i knit in the dark.  i have no pictures.  and i'm too tired to take pictures right now.  how about some pictures of the lights when they are installed?  will that suffice to make up for my lack of picture blogging tonight?  :)  

we laughed and laughed all night long together.  he is just so much fun to hang out with.  he's such a good sport.  he's not embarrassed when i plunk down on the display furniture, i laugh when he makes comments about how "ikea" it all looks, he goes along with me when i start talking in funny accents to see the reactions of shoppers around us (and he always always always one ups me in that department... the man is talented when it comes to accents), he lays next to me on the beds, says he doesn't care what the bed looks like as long as i am in it next to him, and we mess up the pillows, he's okay with me dragging in poor unsuspecting shoppers in colour choices for the new Lack side tables for the kids' rooms... he's just so great to spend time with :)  i think i love this man.  a lot.  

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