Tuesday, April 24

ColourMart samples

so maybe not quite a stash enhancement... but check out that big sample skein. more than enough to knit up into a good size swatch. the samples are mostly cashmere, but there are a few silk ones in there (the bright pink, the grey and the light blue). i'm not loving the "crunchy" silk (the grey skein). but i do like the smooth silk.

and that purple colour cashmere there? ack! i have no idea what i'd make with it, but i LOVE it!

and the 50% cashmere, 50% merino (the deep red 3rd from top) is mmmmm too.

i think a real order from ColourMart might be in my future!

has anyone got an extra pair of knitting hands i can borrow for a while? so many projects i'd love to do, not enough hand power ;) maybe i should think about saving up for a knitting machine! ;)


Jennie said...

Wow, can't wait to hear how they knit up. :)

TracyKM said...

Are the samples 'washed skeins'? Is there any price difference between a washed skein and the cones? I'll have to look! I'll also have to find the message I have about how to treat your swatch (but I think it applies only to the unwashed coned stuff). I can't wait to see and pet some! The machine knitters seem to really love the cashmere, I was glad to see they also had thicker yarns too :)

z said...

Tracy... the samples on the sheet are unwashed skeins. the big red/white skein is washed. the heavier yarns don't seem that heavy to me. they all seem a bit on the "skinny" side for the weights listed... i'm guessing that's probably from the oil. i'll leave them out for tomorrow night :)

z's momma said...

Found your blog from a search w/ 'colourmart' because I'm trying to figure out what to knit w/ my yarn. Once you purchase some, you'll be hooked too.

To comment on the thinness of their yarns, yes, his yarns are all thinner than what's expected, and no, they don't plump up significantly. But it is lovely yarn. As a lace knitter, it's not a big deal, but you can always ask him to double/triple/quadriple the yarn for you.

Oh, and his website (colourmart.com) is cheaper than ebay, unless he's running a sale or if you're good at bidding.