Wednesday, April 25

what's this?

mmmm... yarny goodness.

John is home from work today (he had his last major dentist appt. yesterday and some adjustments on the dentures today). he had to go up to Shelburne to do some stuff for his mum. sooooo....

since we were going right past and they were open and nobody was in a hurry he brought me to Camilla Valley Farm. finally!! i now feel like i'm in the loop again ;) every other knitter i know in the area has been and loves Nina. now i know why!

i went in with the intention of buying just one Addi Turbo circular needle in size US 2. i didn't do bad at all... i came out with the Addi Turbo AND a skein of Fleece Artist's Sea Wool for socks.

while John was at his mum's i decided to spend some time at the Shelburne LYS, Woolly's. where two skeins of 60% mohair/40% wool yarn jumped into my hands and had to come home with me. it's made by a local artist just outside of Shelburne. it feels divine! i spent some time in the store winding up one skein (hence the ball in the photo below):


Jennie said...

Stash enhancement indeed. Love the colors! I'm always a sucker for bright colors. :)

z said...

ditto that!

the rest of my wardrobe is pretty blah... black, blue (jeans), a little brown/dark khaki... except my socks! hehe... i love having "clown" feet ;)