Monday, April 2

good things...

progress on Sahara. front and back tops are done, i'm just about to start the waist shaping (which i'll probably alter some, because i don't have that shapely a waist). the pieces will be joined together and worked in the round soon :)

and what's this? more black? i told you black is good ;) and i can bet you good money that it'll still be in that "naked" condition a few weeks from now... but i don't care because it works! so i don't have to.

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TracyKM said...

Pretty Spiffy! When we bought our first house, we had a two week overlap with our apartment (Although we moved out after one week because of getting a puppy). While we were moving stuff over, repainting the bubblegum bedroom, we took over all our dirty dishes too, and brought them back clean to the apartment, LOL. A dishwasher is GOOD! I'm trying to figure out if you can felt in a dishwasher.