Sunday, April 15

a little progress and a new project...

how many projects should one girl have on the go? i can't seem to stop myself from starting new projects when i have so many to finish up. really. i have my dad's socks (which are *so* late as a birthday gift now), pink Fleece Artist socks, Jake's socks and Sahara to finish... and here i cast on for a shawl.

what is wrong with me?!

here's the progress on Sahara. i'm just sort of guessing at the length now. and i'm not sure i'm going to do the short-row shirt tail hem:

and here's the shawl. i've never knit a shawl before. i don't know why the urge came over me to do so, but i couldn't resist it. the yarn is some mystery lace-weight my dad scored at the Salvation Army. the pattern is a lace-free freebie i found online after trying my hand at a couple of the lace ones from A Gathering of Lace. i don't know why i have such issues with knitting lace when it isn't incorporated into a sock. i'm rather disappointed... i really want to have a beautiful lacey shawl.

i'm not sure how this shawl is going to turn out... it might end up frogged too, but i'll show you what i have anyway. if things continue to work out okay i'm just going to keep knitting until i run out of yarn (i have three hanks of the lace weight... should make a decent size shawl, right?).


crazymom said...

I too have way too many unfinfished projects and can hardly resist casting on more. LOL
I bet that the shawl will be beautiful when it is all finished. Just remember that it won't show it's true beauty until it has been blocked. ;)

TracyKM said...

You know....Father's Day is coming up soon :)