Thursday, March 8

food poisoning...

the only upside? it wasn't my cooking that did it!

omg. this is never ending. the kids go up and down... fine for a few hours, bad for a longer few hours. poor Jake had to have his sheets changed THREE times last night because icky stuff was oozing out of him.

and we've become one of "those" homeschooling families.

food poisoning? hrmm... i think we have an "edutainment" tv show somewhere about food poisoning and how your body deals and why you feel like crap during it. so while they're suffering the kids are dying to know why and have done a little research into it.

so, no knitting for me tonight. trust me, nobody wants to be here during this fun.

i have been knitting a little though! not much... i just turned the heel on Jake's first Regia sock and i just finished the toe (on a toe-up sock) of my second RubySapphire sock.

psst... i added an Etsy widget in the column to the right... is it showing up okay for everyone?


Anonymous said...

Give my love to Juliet and Jacob, I had food posioning the week before my wedding...I know what they are going through. My love to you and John as well, it's no fun when the kids are sick. I don't know if you got my e-mail but I'm out tonight with my pool boy(he pulls rank over knitting sometimes) so I wasn't available anyways.
Maybe next week


TracyKM said...

Ick. I don't think we've ever had food poisoning, but still...ick. My kids really like "The Magic School Bus...Inside Ralphie" as a good one to watch to explain being sick (of the infectious kind, but still might be relevant). The library has quite a few MSB videos.
The soaps are so cute. I'm going to siphon some money out of the grocery fund when Rob isn't looking! I really liked the frogs!

z said...

Sharon... i did get your email about going out with Yummy... erg... i mean Corey. ;) i just haven't had the brain power to email back yet.

Tracy... the kids can make more frog soaps :) i never did find that "edutainment" show for them. i think it got erased!! figures! it was a good one! i think it was a BBC special.