Monday, March 19



but i'm now covered when it comes to moisturizing:


TracyKM said...

Did I miss how you came up with Victoria's Suds n Soaps?
That lip balm looks a lot nicer than the stuff I made in high school by melting down the ends of all of mine and putting it in a film canister!

Anonymous said...

If the kids keep the business expanding, John will soon be able to retire.
The boys(Jamie and Yummy) send a thank you to you for the special disc you sent James. Forever the Boy Scout he was quite impressed with the knot work.
A special thank you from me as well.

z said...

Tracy... Juliet came up with Victoria's Suds n Soaps. Victoria is her middle name and she thought it would sound prettier.

Sharon... LOL. you have no idea how many times i've heard the man extoll the virtues of the knotter. after seeing him in action in a video, i have to agree. the dude probably got all sorts of badges in Boy Scouts (ermm, if he wasn't kicked out for displaying his talents in the way he does now!)

Jennie said...

Hey Z, the kids stuff are looking good. Hmm, I may need to wander over and check out their balms...:)