Thursday, March 15

SnB here tonight!

i'm really looking forward to it. gals, can you please pass it on for me... i'm not sure i'm going to have time to email everyone myself!

i wish i had some lovely finished sock photos to show you all. even some lovely not-quite-finished sock photos. but alas, i have nothing. again.

i had to spend more time than i care to admit fixing our shipping quotes in Etsy. why? because Canada Post sucks. and sucks ass. dirty stinky ass.

example: we go to the post office to mail ONE soap to Guelph (a city that's 30 minutes from us). it costs us almost $8!! but to send a HEAVIER package to Louisiana? $6. WTF?! so the kids made absolutely no profit on the soap they sold to Guelph.

so i go through Etsy and raise the shipping prices to reflect what Canada Post charges. i have to do this one. listing. at. a. time. ugh. pain in the ASS.

and then sales stop. cold. nothing.

of course, if i were shopping and i saw that it would cost me $4 to ship a friggin $4 bar of soap, i wouldn't buy it either.

so i go through them all AGAIN this morning to play some $ mind games. i up the prices of the soap by $1 each and lower the shipping cost by $1. it all evens out in the end, but looks better to see the lower shipping cost. or so i hope.

i have to say it again. Canada Post SUCKS. i get packages from the USA all the time that are approximately the same size as the packages we're shipping... and the cost for them? generally less than $2. why does Canada Post charge so much for basically the same service?! and why is it MORE expensive to send packages within our own country?! that it cost more to send something to friggin Guelph than it did to send something to LOUISIANA makes no gawdamn sense whatsoever.


and now i'm going to shower, go to the (evil) post office and clean up around here for tonight.


TracyKM said...

Yeah, Canada Post sucks. I use those bubble envelopes all the time...would a bar of soap fit in one of those? Perhaps not the best packaging.
And you know what sucks more...I'm going to Guelph tomorrow...I would have taken it for you!
Hopefully I'll see you tonight. The older kids are away :)

Jennie said...

ekk, sorry to hear about the post being such a pain. wouldn't it be funny if you actually asked them one of these when you're shipping an item why in the world is the price so different. lol.