Friday, March 16

a little knitting and a lot of bath/body goodness

an inch or two above the heel on Jake's Regia sock:

and ready to turn the heel on the RubySapphire wonders. i've included a photo with the flash to show off the lovely sheen the Luster Sock has. so pretty!

and that is the extent of the knitting that has happened around here. most of it last night when the girls were over for SnB (although we laugh more than bitch... should we rename it SnL!?) Sharon brought me flowers for my birthday last night (thanks again!), and Josee brought the most delish home made cookies. it was a goooood night :D

i got a LOT of goodies in the mail today!

yes, some of them are soap. i know. i'm a terrible mother, buying soap when the kids make it. but, really, that's not exactly how it happened. i ordered three bars from Gudonya way back in January, before the kids started making soap. crap happens, we're all human and things got a little mixed up for Deb, the one-woman-wonder at Gudonya. i never got my soap. when i emailed her she had some trouble finding me in her stack of orders (i ordered from her outside of Etsy).

when she did find me she was super apologetic and shipped off my order pronto. and included some super extras! two lip balms... one that's Grape and the other (which the kids have already started to argue over) is Vanilla Mint. it smells like a high-end chocolate shop, that one. for those of you in the area... it smells EXACTLY like Deborah's Chocolate Shop on Broadway. DELISH!

and i ordered some whipped body butters from Alberta (yes, Canada Post sucked there too). the jars are small (2oz) but WOW, a little goes a LONG way!! and it isn't at all greasy!!

Maureen from Simple Pleasure Soapworks also sent some goodies along because she felt bad that Canada Post gauges people on shipping... she sent a lip balm (Orange, so bright and cheery and summery!) and a Mango Melon soap sample.

i'm seriously in love with handmade bath/body products right now... and the Body Butters from Simple Pleasures Soapworks are absolutely the best purchase i've made so far. (i ordered three of them because it cost the same to ship one-three. i got Creamsicle, Nag Champa and French Vanilla - which the kids have decided is exactly like cake icing... it's seriously yummy. i'm going to give one to my mum cuz i love her. we just don't know which scent we can part with!)

my house smells LOVELY right now.

even the kids are thrilled (i love kids... there's no such thing as "competition" to them... everyone is on even ground and they love handmade soap even if they didn't make it).

and now? i'm going to shower and then take photos of even more soap (the kids).

perhaps i'll get a chance to knit a little this afternoon. i have a good feeling it'll happen today (no evil post office trips scheduled so far).


TracyKM said...

I took my soaps upstairs last night...and forgot to take them in the shower this morning! :(
I was thinking...what if you added a bit of real brown sugar to the soap as it cooled, so that it would exfoliate too? Or, there's lots of other exfoliants out there too.
I will definately put it in the shower the next time I go upstairs!

Jennie said...

Great loot. :) Yeah bath/body stuff just make you day sometimes. The smells just seem to lift you up. I hope you had a fab bday!! Now get to knitting. Can't wait to see your socks done. :)

z said...

Jennie... bath and body stuff just rocks my little world. 'specially lotions/body butters. love 'em!!

Tracy... that's hilarious! Great minds think alike because i made two goat's milk bars with real brown sugar in them today :)