Friday, March 2

one RubySapphire sock

and isn't she pretty...

here's one with the flash to sort of show you the sheen of the yarn... it's really pretty:

and... dudes... the kids have been making soap. loads and loads of soap. here's the latest (from yesterday... today we're going to work on "soapy-o's"! wait til you see these... they are adorable LifeSavers-looking little soaps! i say "we" because Jake needs help with his soaps, Juliet has her creations entirely under her control. my advice/help is no longer welcome, she knows what she's doing already!)

i know this is technically a knitting blog, but you have to understand two things: 1) i'm really proud of them. 2) their business loan was my stash money and i kinda want it back ;)

here's Juliet at work packaging some soaps the other day in her "studio" (our tiny kitchen/dining room table):

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Jennie said...

The sock is looking good! The colorway came out very nice especially the nice stripping effect. I like it alot. I have yet to try different heels just basic slip stitch heel for me, but gosh yours looks so perfect. Oh and the froggies are uber cute.