Thursday, March 1

email frustration

so... trying to set up a new email address for the kids' soap stuff. heh. every freakin' thing we try is taken... frustration builds... John types in "stapled ass". ermm... yeah. we're now the proud owners of stapledass at symcrapico.

back to the business at hand. more soapy-type names are tried. the symcrapico website dies. we sign back in. we try again. not available. try again. website craps out AGAIN.

so AGAIN John gets frustrated enough to type in something obscene. now we're the proud owners of not just stapledass, but wankertot at symcrapico.

a lot of laughing and goofing after that one... and we finally resorted to trying out "soap" in different languages... strangely enough, it wasn't taken in French. so "savon" it is.

... and it's nice to know we have a couple of back-up addresses... just in case ;)

(pictures of the sock soon... i hope! John's got another dentist appointment tomorrow so he'll be passed out on the sofa all afternoon and probably Saturday too. Juliet is going to my parents' for the weekend, so i'll have to do a lot more "entertaining" with Jake. he gets very clingy when Juliet is gone.)

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