Monday, March 26


with no guarantees he'll do anything other than look at the broken tooth.

that's 4 more fucking hours in pain.

(i'm not complaining that they didn't get me in fast enough... heck no. they're super friendly and i love my dentist office).

but omg. it hurts so much that i'm literally shaking.

at least in four hours i'll have some help... even if it's just some painkillers.

ugh. i'm so pissy because i didn't sleep last night... i slept this morning... from about 7 until noon. and when i finally got up the house was a DISASTER!! john said he'd tidy up last night - i went upstairs alone yesterday evening because i didn't want to snap at the kids while i was hurting. but he didn't do a damn thing. ARG. so the kids have helped out. they're really great kids. they did a chunk of last night's dinner dishes for me and tidied up the coffee table. yep. thanks John.


Susie J. said...

oh zeeeee!!! I hope that the appt goes well and that you are out of pain soon. ((((huge hugs))))

Karen (hoosiermomof3) said...

Oh no, Z :( I'm so sorry you're in so much pain. I hope they get you in and at the very least give you something for the pain.

Have to tell you, I shared some pics of Allyson's room today on the boards (she got new big girl furniture LOL) and I got so many comments saying "Is that a Zehava picture???" Remember the celestials you painted for her room? I just LOVE them so much and so does Ally :)