Tuesday, March 6

somebody shoot me

i don't usually complain much about real life here... do i?

but the last few days have sucked so much ass.

so... it all started on Friday. we've had a LOT of trouble with Butters the cat. she is such a sweetheart, cuddly, soft, a very lovable cat. but she kept pooping outside the litter box. we tried everything... we changed the litter, changed the food, moved the litter, had an extra litter box, got a bigger litter box, tried catching her "in the act" to startle her from doing it again... but every second day (at least), there was an awful smell and big pile of cat poo somewhere in the house.

and then on Wednesday i caught her squatting just beside the sofa, startled her (not scared her, just made it known i was there), she ran off. a while later there was a nice package in the basement for us.

that was the last straw for John. Butters went back to the shelter. :(

Juliet has been extremely upset. she really loves Butters.

she decided to stay home from my parents' house this weekend, which meant coming to the dentist with us. the kids sat through one heck of a long dentist appt. on Friday afternoon with much patience, although they didn't feel patient on the inside, they were very well behaved on the outside.

in the midst of Juliet being upset she got an upset tummy. no worries, right? probably just because she was so emotional.


dude. it's not been fun. add Jake into the upset tummy mix and the house has been rather ucky. the kids rarely get sick like that, so it's drama-city when they do.

so the weekend was spent rubbing kids' backs, cuddling, getting up at all hours of the night to "mum... i think i might puke!"

blech. on an up note though... John and i seem to be fine! we both had a few hours of queasiness the other night, but nothing since! *crosses fingers*

the weekend finally comes to an end. the tummies are much better. not perfect, but the bad stuff seems to have passed.

but because life was on a roll...

the fucking car breaks down. so John takes the day off Monday and takes it in. $more-than-we-could-afford-later, the end result is that i had to call up my parents last night and ask to borrow $ until the end of the week.

hello. i'm almost 32 and borrowing money from my parents (my birthday is on the 13th. woooot!)

and just because she sucks, AF showed up on the weekend too.

goddamn it... i hope this is the end of the crap for a while.

so... yeah... no knitting content to share today. no new soaps either (no way i was letting them near the soap "studio" while they were ill).

we haven't seen the outdoors in days, i think we're going to try to take a little walk to get some fresh air now.

(to end this on a brighter note... John *did* get a new video card for his computer (before the car broke down), so i can play the Sims2 again! and he bought Juliet and i the new expansion pack... Seasons. wooot!)

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TracyKM said...

Aw...everything at once :( I can totally sympathize! Our cat was a pee-er though. And Rob called the last shot when it peed (repeatedly) on his expensive (but he bought them 2nd hand) hockey skates.
And I LOVE those little green frog soaps! Don't know what the weather will be like on Thursday, it's the week to go to Georgetown, so I'm sure there'll be another storm!