Saturday, March 31


i've decided to go with Sahara. it's coming along fairly quickly (for me)... i've finished the top back and fronts and just joined them together. (pictures later... it's really rather boring to look at so far).

why the wooohooo! title?

i'm getting a dishwasher today.

i hate it that this excites me, but it does! i'm *really* looking forward to less time in front of the kitchen sink!

John's picking it up as we speak. it's not new (is anything i get ever new?), but i don't care. he was working on a job where they were gutting an entire kitchen. the kitchen was only a few years old, but it had to go. so he and the guy he was working with got some freebies. kitchen cabinets (they're beautiful! a "country" blue with glass fronts - ours now store the Victoria's Suds n Soaps supplies), tvs (seriously... both guys got one) and kitchen appliances. the rest (fridge, stove, ovens, cabinets, sink, counters) went to Habitat for Humanity

'course, it's not going to look pretty once it's in. i have the tiniest kitchen and can't sacrifice any of the under counter cabinets to install it, so it's going to be put in beside the cabinets and John's going to improvise a counter top and sides. but i'm so sick of doing dishes i don't care if it looks like shit. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

As you load your dishwasher, please think of you friend still slaving over the kitchen sink..Congrats