Sunday, April 1


so, Carolyn is still calling out to me. but i think i'd like her much more in cotton (i'm not a big fan of 100% wool if it isn't merino).

problem is that choosing cotton means yet another decision looms... what two colours to choose?

and shall i go with just one solid colour for the body and choose the contrasting colour just for the cuffs/collar/button bands?

and what two colours?

i was kinda thinking Elann's Sonata in Burgundy Rose and Deep Fuchsia:

i always go for black... so i'm trying to try something a little less... black.

i could use the grey for the body and the wine (or burgundy or deep fuchsia) for the cuffs/collar/button bands:

what to do. what to do.

(and as of this posting, the dishwasher is still not in working order. we spent most of the day out and about; finding hardware to hook it up, visiting my mum, finding the perfect hamster pet, grabbing a small amount of groceries... pretty much everything except getting the dishwasher set up - the counter is filling up with another load of dirty dishes i'm sure i'll end up doing by hand again).

ack. i just had deja vu of writing that. so bloody freaky!

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